About Rock Your World


After traveling all over the Pacific Northwest for the last 16 years, on a quest to visit as many rock shops as possible, I began to dread walking into the next shop only to find the same old stuff, seen time and time again- from shop to show to conventions in Arizona, the same bland rocks and imports everywhere. As a devoted rockhound, who is passionate about the materials I can find in my own home state, I had enough.

Where could I go to see the treasures of the Pacific Northwest?

Where could I find locally crafted gemstone items that wouldn't break my bank?

Where could I experience, handle, ask questions about, and make an informed purchase of rocks and minerals?

I hadn’t found that place and came to believe it didn't exist. I thought to myself, “No wonder this is a dying hobby, it's a wonder anyone knows you can find some of the world’s finest gemstones in this region.” Then it hit me- I could create that place.

At the time, I was running a successful Ebay store selling gemstones I had mined myself, which helped my family get through tough times during the recession and ended up providing the start-up capital for Rock Your World. Operations quickly got far too large for my townhouse in Portland, OR and while I knew I needed to grow out of my living room, I wasn't sure where.


One day in early January 2011, I got up early to go rockhounding on the Oregon coast. I visited every rock shop from Tillamook to Yachats, speaking to the owners about their experience as shopkeepers. Each one said they had a good volume of business even though we were in the depths of the recession. I said to myself, “To hell with it, let's do it!” and went home to tell Mike, my husband and partner, the good news.

 Mike and I chose Lincoln City, Oregon because there were plenty of retail spaces available, access to world class rockhounding and NO ROCK SHOP! Perfect.

Later in January, we visited Lincoln City to find a retail space. We traveled all over town, and Mike fell in love with a beautiful store. I didn’t think we could afford it, and I was very reluctant to call, but after much prodding Mike finally talked me into it. It turns out our landlord collected agates as a young boy, and adults would pay him a penny per beach agate (which he said was big bucks in his day!), so he knew there was something to this “rock business,” and we got the keys that weekend.


Mike and I moved to Lincoln City in April 2011 only to find the housing market more difficult. We were not to be discouraged! We bounced from floor to floor, couch to couch, and with more than a few nights in a cold coastal basement - we prevailed.

We opened on May 13, 2011 much to the locals’ and our excitement! Our first summer was amazing, both tourists and locals coming in to admire and take home our hand-selected and hand-crafted treasures.

It’s agreed that we are one of the cleanest rock shops anyone had been to with an amazing selection of unique art, gems, and treasures from the Pacific Northwest. The locals are happy that we carry tumbling grit and polish, rough rock, slabs, and loose gemstones.

Our visitors are happy to take home something authentic from the Pacific NW, something from the REAL prehistoric Oregon - not just an import with an Oregon sticker slapped on it.

Some of our favorite interactions with our customers are when folks come in from the beach with an unknown treasure, and we LOVE to help identify rocks and gems! Helping visitors make the most of their agate hunt on the Oregon Coast is a lot of fun and always informative!

Stop on in and see us next time you are in town, we're gonna rock your world!