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Agates! One of the easiest and most common rocks on a rockhounds mind!

What is a "Rockhound", they are someone who looks for rocks everywhere they go like a bloodhound on the trail! You can find many cool rocks just about everywhere you go in the Pacific Northwest but one of the most prized is our amazing abundance of AGATES! 

What is an Agate?...

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Agate, Best Place for Agates, Gemstones Found In Oregon, Jasper, Oregon, Oregon Rockhounding Sites, Petrified Wood, Rockhound, Rockhounding, Rockhounding Trips in Oregon, Rocks and Gems, Where to find Cool Rocks -

Late summer and early fall is the PERFECT time to try creek or river rockhounding if you have never tried before. This time of year, water runs lower, exposing more of the creek or river bed and lowering water levels so you can see the treasures below!

Almost any rocky bottomed creek to river can provide unlimited treasure hunting if you know what to look for and how to look for it. 

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