Antique Tea Cup Candles Stuffed Full of Crystals - Limited run of 8

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What is this? An antique tea cup? A candle?

That's right I made a limited run of 8 totally different antique tea cup and mug candles absolutely stuffed full of CRYSTALS!

Every yummy vanilla scented candle will have at least:

  • two kinds of quartz crystals
  • one amethyst crystal
  • one tourmaline crystal
  • one peridot crystal
  • one Oregon sunstone crystal
  • one celestite crystal
  • one strawberry quartz.

Every cup had room for more but different sized cups took different sized extra stones and different cups will have different amounts of stones but the size of the cup doesn't necessarily dictate the number of stones. Truly mysteries!!!

The candle is a subtle vanilla scent and the wax is allergen free, clean burning paraffin candle specific wax. 

Price includes priority shipping and online consultation with Laura Joki to help you identify your finds!!!

DISCLAIMER: Candles work with fire, fire is hot and will burn you. Use tongs or tweezers to retrieve your treasures.  Detailed instructions shipped with cup.