Raw Aquamarine Crystal Ring in Sterling Silver Sz 4.5

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Raw, Uncut Aquamarine Crystal Stone Ring in Hammered Sterling Silver Sz 4.5 - perfect Midi or Knuckle Ring! Our raw crystals - untampered - like you'd find them in nature, crafted into a wild stone ring! There's so much more to explore than raw diamonds - so join us on an adventure! Buy this ring with caution! This could be the type of enchanted ring that turns princesses into villains and ends up locked away in a tall tower in fairyland. Be prepared in case of troll encounters! Make this piece part of your world today by clicking "Add to Cart"! Check out our gallery, open 7 days a week - what's there today may be gone tomorrow! Stone: Aquamarine - a sparkling blue-green beryl, its color from iron!