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Laura Joki with Anuschka HandbagDecember 2nd, 2020

Rock Your World: Pacific Northwest Gem and Jewelry Gallery, in Lincoln City, Oregon, is celebrating their 10th year in business with the addition of Anuschka™ hand painted leather handbags, wallets and accessories to their product line.

“Not are we only happy to be able to offer beautiful artistic designer handbags that compliment our current inventory of local handmade creations, but it’s also great to support a company whose values I embrace, and I am sure many of our customers will as well,” said Laura Joki, owner-head artisan of Rock Your World, which is located on Highway 101 in the Nelscott Strip.

Anuschka Wallet At Rock Your World Lincoln City

“They are wearable works of art,” Joki said. 

Anuschka™ handbags are produced by highly trained Indian villagers, who have been hand selected for their artistic skills, to paint on soft top-grain Nappa leather which is specially treated to work like a canvas for the artisans who hand-paint each leather item, creating a work of art every time and finished with an approval Anuschka™ signature from a member of the family. These beautiful and durable bags become softer and more supple with each use.

The company is family-owned and follows Fair Trade policies, paying its artisans a wage that provides them a regular income, health care, a secure home, and an education for their children. 

Anuschka Designer Handbags in Lincoln City

Says CEO and designer Bhaskar Basu, “By sharing the beauty of art with you, we can turn the problem of poverty into a circle of prosperity.”

“Handbags and accessories allow a woman to give full play to her esthetic sense. A beautiful creation from A can lift a look from everyday to extraordinary—just like a great original piece of jewelry,” Joki suggested. “These works of art are also an investment—an investment in an object that will grow in value and an investment in the future of the company’s artisans.”

Joki said the shop will feature a selection of Anuschka handbags, wallets and card holders with the inventory being updated as they are sold. Rock Your World will also drop ship from their website for free.

Rock Your World is located on the north end of the Nelscott Strip in Lincoln City which runs from SW 32nd to SW 35th St with parking available out front and many close public lots.

Rock Your World, 3203 SW US 101, Lincoln City, OR 97367

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