Classic Japanese Float Local Handblown Art Glass Floats

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Local Handblown Japanese Style Art Glass Floats made on the Central Oregon Coast 

Inspired by the glass floats from Japan which wash up from time to time on our beaches, these art glass floats are a must have collectable from the Oregon Coast! 

Clear floats with bubbles trapped inside the glass just like the classic Japanese floats the fisherman’s would use for their nets to catch fish. Each float is one of a kind and hand blown, no two floats are alike!

You will receive a float that incorporates similar colors and schemes to the ones pictured, but they will not be exact!

Small Size: 3”

Medium Size: 5”

Large Size: 6”

These prices include insured shipping. If you wish to pick yours up at the store, please contact us for an appointment. 

Don't worry! If we are sold out you can still order, it will just be a week or two while we have yours created.