Cloud Mountain Turquoise Stone Tree of Life Pendant Necklace in 14kt Rose Gold & Sterling Silver

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Tree of Life Pendant with Cloud Mountain Turquoise in 14kt Rose Goldfilled and Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Tree Necklace Bonsai Tree of Life Pendant

Because everyone's life is different Trees have been engraved in our stories and history since the dawn of time, from the Buddha's bodhi tree to the Viking's Yggdrasil, trees have been our partners and family. Honor our tree friends and your family with one of my tree of life pendant creations. Trees represent wisdom, serenity and enduring strength through our storms.

As a network of branches, our family tree, a beautiful reminder of our lives. I have always loved Tree of Life pendants, but could never fall in love with one just for me. Of the wire Tree of Life pendants I had seen, all of them seemed to be very homogeneous and symmetrical. When was the last time you saw a symmetrical tree in real life? I haven't. When I think of a tree, I think of the "Tim Burton" tree, at my friend Rachel's farm, an old dead asymmetrical tree, barren, beautifully guarding one of the ponds or one of the many Bonsai style trees I have admired over the years (I love Asian art).

Real trees are asymmetrical, they flow, bend and twist and are rarely perfect. I decided to follow nature. I let the wires of each tree tell me how the tree should look. I force nothing. Just like in life, if you have to force it, it's probably not going to turn out well. Each one of these trees take between 3.5 and 5 hours to complete, size has nothing to do with it but the shape of the base stone.

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For those of you who are fellow tree-hugging dirt-worshipers and give a damn about our planet and the people/critters on it, please know we do our best to insure our stones are authentic and conflict free (the slavery and terrorism is so passe) and our metal provider supplies us with eco-friendly sterling silver and recycled copper, so no new holes were dug for the metal to provide you with this treasure.