Smokey Citrine Crystal Stalactite Slice Unicorn Pendant

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Stones First, Metal Second

  • Smokey Citrine Stalactite Slice
  • Hematite Star
  • Silver Metal Heart
  • Oxidized 100% Recycled Jewelry Copper
  • Handmade by Laura Joki in Lincoln City, Oregon, USA

These one of a kind crystal unicorn pendants are made from a rare rock formation called a "quartz stalactite" that form in ancient hot springs. These magical pendants are one of our best sellers and are a great gift for unicorn lovers! 

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We display all of our jewelry in our Lincoln City rock shop on the Oregon Coast, open 7 days a week so what's available today, may be sold later today (this happens)!
This is a one of a kind item and we are unable to recreate this piece once sold. 
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