Large Raw Blue Aquamarine Crystal Pendant in Hammered Sterling Silver

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Stones First, Metal Second

These raw crystals? We left them completely raw, just like you find them and love them in nature and strapped into this pendant. There are so many more options than raw diamonds, let's explore the possibilities together.

Freshly chipped from a glacier in the arctic north, this chunk of aquamarine is a frosty bit of treasure for adorning your neck!

Upon adorning this mystical totem, you will feel like a wizard or perhaps a really good magician, maybe even Criss Angel good.

Aquamarine is the perfect stone for those overwhelmed by responsibility. This calming, stress reducing stone assist you in overcoming a judgmental mentality by invoking tolerance. This pendant would be a great charm for an individual looking for calm waters in rough seas.

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Stone name: Aquamarine