Natural Pink Rhodocrosite Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Natural Pink Rhodocrosite Pendant in Sterling Silver

Stones First, Metal Second

This delicate mass of pink crystals will captivate you and leave you wondering about what the cave the crystals came from looked like. Did the miner have to fight a dragon for them? I bet he did as rhodocrosite forms as a flow stone in caves forming large pink stalactites and other cave features.

Rhodocrosite is known as a stone of peace and has been known to help relieve past traumas.

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Stone name: Rhodochrosite It is commonly found in the form of stalactites and stalagmites in the caves of Argentina. Rhodochrosite (whose name means rose-colored) often forms pink and white bands.The Incas, who called it Inca Rose, believed that rhodochrosite is the blood of their former kings and queens that was turned to stone