Oregon Priday Plume Agate Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Priday Plume Agate Pendant Necklace in Hammered Sterling Silver a Rare Gemstone Found in Only in Central Oregon

Stones First, Metal Second

The Priday Plume agate, comes from a secret Thunderegg bed at Richardson's Rock Ranch, in Central Oregon, accessible only through generosity of the owners on specific days (usually Labor Day weekend) included in their normal fee thunderegg dig. Just because you get access to the Priday Plume Thunder Egg Bed, doesn't mean you will find a plume thunderegg as each thunderegg can have their own unique filling, even one right next to the other. I have seen a pink opal egg come from right next door to a dark green mossy egg. You never know what you will find! Aren't you lucky I found one of these rare beauties and created this spectacular pendant for you!?! ;)

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Stone name: Priday Plume Agate, from the Priday Thunderegg beds in Central Oregon.