Oregon Sheep Creek Ranch Plume Moss Agate Stone Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Tan & Black Sheep Creek Ranch Plume Moss Agate Stone Pendant Necklace in Hammered Sterling Silver Mined in Oregon

Stones First, Metal Second

Don't let the name fool you, this agate is as pretty as can be and not creepy at all! Sheep Creek Ranch Plume comes from an area to the southeast of Prineville, Oregon which was, millions of years ago, a volcanic and geothermally active area including many hot springs and geysers. These agates were formed when mineral rich fluids washing through the volcanic terrain, deposited the agate material with beautiful mineral structures trapped within. The best thing about these beautiful stone is that no two are alike and each one a different beautiful scene made by mother nature.

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Stone name: Sheep Creek Ranch Plume Agate