Bubblegum Pink Botswana Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Pink Botswana Agate Pendant in Sterling Silver

Stone First, Metal Second

Agate is an ancient stone and has been appreciated for as long as humans have been working in coordination with stones. Harder than steal and translucent like stained glass, this stone will dazzle you and draw you into it's depths. Swazi Rose Agate is mined in Mozambique and features vibrant colored agate banding with quartz crystals radiating from the center.

Botswana agates are exactly what they sound like, they are agates from Botswana which are famous for their bands with gray and pink tones. This is for a stone with a pink tone.

Botswana is very old land and the agates are also old, you can tell from their dense and waxy texture.

Botswana agates are known to be a comfort stone, helpful in overcoming depression, and strength during a grieving process. It can be helpful in overcoming fears.

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Stone name: Botswana Agate