Shattuckite Chrysocolla in Matrix Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Shattuckite Chrysocolla in Matrix Pendant in Sterling Silver

What is that? Turquoise?

Nope! This deep mesmerizing blue green stone is called chrysocolla and the chrysocolla is particularly rare and special. The copper mines often have malachite present and is a combination of beautiful greens and blues. This is Namibian Shattuckite a particularly rare variety.

Chrysocolla is a copper based gemstone and occurs in certain areas of copper mines. It is recognized as the birthstone for Gemini

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Stone name: Chrysocolla (chris-oh-cola) This chrysocolla is not a definite chemical compound but a hydrogel containing mainly SiO:, CuO and H2O, and minor amounts of Al2Q3, CaO and MgO. A cryptocrystalline phase is present in the chrysocolla, but its composition has not been determined. What this means is that chrysocolla is made of cryptocrystalline quartz (chalcedony), water and copper with traces of other minerals, making it similar to a jasper or agate in composition