Lincoln City: A Beachcomber's Paradise

Lincoln City: A Beachcomber's Paradise

Lincoln City, nestled along the stunning Oregon Coast, is a haven for those who delight in the art of beachcombing. With its expansive beaches, hidden treasures, and tranquil beauty, this coastal gem offers a unique and enriching experience for beachcombers of all ages. Join us as we explore the allure of Lincoln City's shores and uncover the secrets that make it a beachcomber's paradise.

The Hunt for Glass Floats: A Coveted Treasure

One of the most exciting aspects of beachcombing in Lincoln City is the chance to discover the iconic glass floats that have become synonymous with the town's shores. As part of the annual Finders Keepers event, skilled artisans create beautiful glass floats that are strategically hidden along the coastline, waiting to be discovered by lucky beachcombers. This modern-day treasure hunt adds an element of excitement to your beachcombing adventure.

Bountiful Beaches: A Playground for Collectors

Lincoln City's beaches stretch for miles, offering an abundance of treasures waiting to be found. From colorful shells and unique rocks to driftwood and agates, every stroll along the shore unveils a new collection of natural wonders. Explore different sections of the beach, from Roads End State Recreation Site to Siletz Bay, and you'll be rewarded with diverse finds.

Enhance your beachcombing adventure with our Guided Explore Lincoln City Beachcombing Exploriences, available from January through March. These immersive tours provide a deeper understanding of beachcombing, teaching you about everything the shore has to offer. Our knowledgeable guides will share their expertise on finding floats, understanding the geologic story of the Oregon Coast, and locating the coveted beach agates. This enriching experience is perfect for both beginners and seasoned beachcombers looking to deepen their knowledge.

Tide Pool Treasures: An Underwater Wonderland

As the tides recede, a fascinating underwater world is revealed within Lincoln City's tide pools. These miniature ecosystems teem with marine life, offering an opportunity to glimpse creatures like sea anemones, starfish, crabs, and more. Gently explore the tide pools, being mindful of the delicate marine life, and marvel at the intricate beauty of these hidden worlds. Explore Lincoln City also offerss Tidepooling Exploriences. For more info please visit

Beachcombing Tips and Etiquette:

- Timing Matters: Visit during low tide for the best beachcombing experience, as this exposes more of the shoreline and reveals hidden treasures.
- Pack Essentials: Bring a sturdy bag, bucket, or container to collect your findings and wear sturdy warm well draining shoes.
- Be Respectful: Folllow the Oregon Beach Rules regarding collecting to preserve the natural beauty of the coast.
- Safety First: Keep an eye on the tides and watch for sneaker waves. Stay a safe distance from cliffs and rocky areas.
- Mindful Exploration: When exploring tide pools, avoid touching or disturbing marine life. Use gentle movements and be cautious not to damage delicate organisms.
- Enjoy the Scenery: While beachcombing, take moments to soak in the breathtaking ocean views, listen to the waves, and relish the serenity of the coast.

Unwind and Reconnect:

Beachcombing in Lincoln City offers more than just collecting treasures—it provides an opportunity to unwind, connect with nature, and create lasting memories with loved ones. Whether you're searching for glass floats, exploring tide pools, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the shore, Lincoln City's beaches offer a peaceful escape from the bustle of everyday life.

So, gather your beachcombing tools, embrace the sense of wonder that comes with discovery, and let Lincoln City's shores guide you on an adventure that celebrates the beauty and treasures of the Oregon Coast.

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