Do you make your own jewelry? Will I receive the item in the photo?

All of our handmade in-house jewelry has been built for durability and comfort, with authentic gemstones, your new treasure radiates heirloom quality with soul.

We like you well informed and happy, so we list each item we make individually, with pictures of the actual item you will receive except customs and items from our partnering warehouses. 

We try to post honest pictures with accurate color and due to the wonders of technology, please allow for variations due to how your device presents the pictures to you.

Do you mine your own material?

We sure do! We have over 100 acres of mining claims. You can read more about them here. For everything else we try to get as close to the mine as possible and cut out as many middle men as possible. 

Can we fee dig at your mines?

Not yet, but we are working on getting things of that nature set up. We do offer guided tours everywhere in Oregon. We are licensed, bonded and insured. 

How long have you been doing this?

Laura has been at this since she was a little girl, taking her first physical geology course at 12yo. She worked in business building before, doing fancy stuff, now she plays rocks and loves it. Mikes a metal worker turned miner and lapidary. Mac is great at learning and the newest member of our crew. 

When are the beachcombing tours?

Winter and Spring, check our tours page for more info. 

How long have you been open?

We started in August 2010, registered in January 2011 and opened in May of 2011

Do you make your own jewelry?

We make much of our jewelry but we have other jewelers we work with 

Are you guys like Geologists or something?

Yes and No. Does Laura have graduate level knowledge and literacy in geology? Yes. Did she go to school for it? No, she put in far many more hours of learning than most college geology courses contain and has been actively engaged in field research and meta-analysis since she was a teen. She supports the others in their learning. Everyone's a damn smart cookie. 

You guys are tour guides! Where do you give tours?

Everywhere in Oregon we legally can!

Are you associated with any other rock shops or companies?

Not directly, Rock Your World was started by Laura and Mike. Mac came in about 5yrs ago as a partner. We think most other shops and mining companies are pretty all right, but like all industries, not every flower is a rose. 

updated 02/20