Do you craft your own jewelry? Will the received item match the photo?

All our in-house handmade jewelry is designed for durability and comfort, featuring authentic gemstones. Your new treasure showcases heirloom quality with soul.

We aim for transparency and satisfaction. Each individually listed item includes photos of the actual product, though custom orders may slightly vary.

We strive for accurate and honest photos. Due to varying device displays, colors may differ slightly.

Do you source your own materials?

Indeed, we do! We own over 60 acres of mining claims. Learn more here. We aim to source directly from the mines, minimizing middlemen.

Is fee digging available at your mines?

We're in the process of setting up fee digs. Meanwhile, we offer licensed, bonded, and insured guided tours across Oregon.

What's your experience in this field?

Laura's passion for geology began in childhood, and she has amassed more experience than most college courses offer. Mike transitioned from metalwork to mining and lapidary. Mac, our newest member, is a quick learner.

When are beachcombing tours available?

Beachcombing tours are available in Winter and Spring. More details can be found on our tours page.

How long have you been in business?

We launched online in August 2010, registered in January 2011, and opened our physical store in May 2011.

Do you collaborate with other jewelers?

While we create much of our own jewelry, we also collaborate with skilled jewelers.

Do you have a background in Geology?

Laura has extensive, self-taught geology knowledge and has been engaged in field research since her teens. The team is well-educated and continually learning.

Where do you offer tours?

We provide tours wherever it's legally permissible in Oregon.

Are you affiliated with other rock shops or companies?

Rock Your World is an independent venture started by Laura and Mike, later joined by Mac. While we respect other shops and mining companies, we maintain our autonomy.

Last Updated: 08/2023