April Birthstone

Diamond is the primary birthstone for April and while there are a few alternatives like emeralds, sapphires or topaz, diamonds are the modern "go to" for April birthdays.

Since the middle ages, diamonds have been considered the traditional birthstone for those born in April.

Ancient Romans believed that Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds. Due to their strength, they are believed to enhance the wearers longevity and strength.

In sanskrit texts dating back to 400 BC, people associated significant value and wonder of crystals. Diamonds were gathered from rivers and streams in India. Research dating back to 1330 shows diamond cutting in Venice with the diamond trade flourishing towards the 15th century with the opening of routes to the east.

When diamonds were discovered near Kimberley South Africa in the mid-1800s, that's when we saw the modern diamond market emerge and the push to sell diamonds increased and the marketing regarding diamonds we're familiar with today was born.

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