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Pebble Pup - The Rockhound Experience. This is our dear friend and Idaho Rockhounding Partner John's blog. Rockhounding Maps of Oregon and Idaho locations!!!

ORE-ROCK-ON DVD - Must have for the Pacific NW Rockhound! Rockhounding maps of Oregon, Washington and Idaho locations both current and historic!

Crook County Chamber of Commerce - Rockhound the areas around Prineville Oregon - Local area rockhounding maps of free public areas in Crook County, Oregon. 


Find Your Own Gemstones and Fossils Guaranteed (fee digs)

Rockhounding in Oregon

Juniper Ridge Opal Mine - Dig for red, orange and golden yellow fire opals

Dust Devil Sunstone Mine - Fee digging and belt picking for the famous Oregon Sunstone

Spectrum Sunstone Mine - Fee digging and belt picking for the famous Oregon Sunstone

Wheeler High School Fossil Beds - Bridge Creek Leaf Fossils - John Day Fossil Beds

Holleywood Ranch - Rock Shop and Fee dig for high quality petrified wood near Sweethome. 


Rockhounding in California

Himalaya Tourmaline Mine - Tourmaline Mining east of San Diego, CA

Ernst Quarries - Dig Marine Fossils near Bakersfield, CA


Rockhounding in Nevada

Swordfish Opal Mine - Home of the precious opal snake head!

Bonanza Opal Mine - Fee tailings dig. Great for those who are looking for cutters as a lot of the tailings are old enough to have let the opal cure.

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine - Tailings diggings for opalized limb casts

Royal Peacock Opal Mine - One of the fee mining locations in Virgin Valley where you can still dig in virgin ground!

Royston Turquoise Mine - A must visit for Turquoise addicts!


Rockhounding in Washington

Geology Adventures - Amber, Quartz Scepters, Pyrite, Amethyst, Fluorite & Garnet gathering field trips! OH MY!

Rockin Tomahawk Ranch - Take a chance surface hunting this ranch in Ellensburg Washington for the ever elusive Ellensburg Blue agate.

Stonerose Interpretive Center and Eocene Fossil Site - Find your own Eocene plant fossils in northern central Washington.


Rockhounding in Idaho

Emerald Creek - Screen for Idaho Star Garnets!

Spencer Opal Mine - Precious Opal tailings dig in Spencer, Idaho. AMAZING Opal!


Rockhounding in Montana

Gem Mountain - Pan for your own Montana Sapphires

Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine - Another great location to pan sapphire gravel, they also have virtual mining!

Baisch's Dinosaur Digs - Take home dinosaur fossils, petrified wood, colorful rocks and precious memories from a day in the Eastern Montana badlands. Play paleontologist while you hunt for and excavate triceratops, edmontosaurus, and the elusive T-rex.


Rockhounding in Texas

Barringer Hill Minerals -  Topaz, fluorite, rare earth minerals, pyrite, strawberry quartz and much more depending on the site we are hunting in Llano County.


Rockhounding in Wyoming

Warfield's Fish Fossil Safari (TM) - Warfield Fossils invites you to come on a Fossil Safari® where you can dig your own fossil fish in our private quarry. There are an abundance of fossil fish in the “Green River Formation.” Most people find enough fish to satisfy their appetite in the first two hours.


Rockhounding in Utah

U-Dig - Trilobite mining near Delta, UT

A New Dig - Dig your own trilobites near Delta, UT


Rockhounding in Florida

Fossil Expeditions - Kayak to different locations to find everything from mammoth teeth to megladon shark teeth


Rock Shops/Rock Stores/Lapidary Supply

Rock shops in Oregon

Pier Ave Rock Shop - Tierra Del Mar, OR

Ed's House of Gems - Portland, OR

The Fossil Cartel - Portland, OR

Highland Rock & Gem - Burns, OR

Visions Rock Shop - Lincoln City, OR

Prehistoric - Lincoln City, OR

The Crystal Wizard - Gleneden Beach, OR

Roosters Rocks - South Beach, OR


Rock Shops in Washington

Handley's Rock & Gem - Vancouver, WA


Rock Shops in California

Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop - Fortuna, CA


Rock Shops in Idaho

Stewarts Gem Shop - Boise, ID

Service Station Gems - Marsing, ID

Idaho Rock Shop - Online shop based out of SW Idaho



Must See Rock and Gem Museums & Geologic Visitors Centers

Crater Rock Museum - Located in Central Point, OR, this rock and gem museum is 12,000 sq ft of world class minerals and gems from all over the world.

Baker City Historical Museum - Home of the Calvin-Warfel Collection. It's impressive, I've seen it. These ladies knew how to collect rocks and gems!

Rice Museum of Rock & Minerals - An impressive and expansive collection of minerals and gems from throughout the world with a special wing dedicated to the gems Pacific Northwest.

Thomas Condon Paleoletelogical Visitors Center - Located at the Sheep Rock unit of the John Day Fossil Beds, this visitor and intrepretive center is a MUST SEE if you love fossils and would like to better understand the geologic history of Oregon State!v


Useful Rockhound Information

USGS Earthquake Map - See what's SHAKIN! - Great resource for all of your geology related news

Oregon DOGAMI - Oregon Department of Geology & Mineral Industries