Rockhounding Trips in Oregon

We offer guided rockhounding trips in Oregon for small and large groups. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we are limiting our tours in 2021 to Beachcombing tours where you keep everything you and your guide finds!


Lead by a licensed guide who is a practicing economic geologist (she uses her knowledge of geology to find valuable gems and metal deposits) you are guaranteed to have a great time, learn about the geology of the area you are in and the rocks you find and you will wanna go again!

Learn how to rockhound with the pros! We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Oregon. 

Beachcombing tours are being offered starting January 2021 and spots are filling fast. 

For the 2 hour experience, we charge $25 per person with a minimum of 5 people per group or $125 minimum charge.

We like to schedule these outings for best tide and weather, however, depending on the day, we can possibly accommodate short notice scheduling. 

If you are interested in booking, please click HERE