Fine Jasper

Fine Jasper is the name of a small percentage of jasper which are formed through chemical precipitation. Meaning a silica rich fluid with very fine grained opaque grains passed through a cavity or vein and left a fine grain mostly opaque cryptocrystalline quartz with the texture of fine porcelain. 

Fine jaspers often include off egg like orbs in their patterns, plant like dendrites and streamers or lines of different colored jasper bursting through the pattern. 

Some examples of fine jasper include:

Morrisonite Jasper - A vein fine jasper from SE Oregon, USA, down miles of some of the worse "road" in the world. While you can get there, there is nothing to find. The mine has been reclaimed by the BLM and many rockhounds before you got the scraps first. 

Carrisite - Still mined and considered a form of Morrisonite. Forms in seams and can have egg shapes and streamers in the patterns.  

Bruneau - Found in thundereggs and some veins in the Bruneau Canyon in Idaho, USA, this location has been reclaimed by the BLM and closed down and the location patrolled. 

Willow Creek Jasper - Currently mined in giant thundereggs just NW of Boise Idaho. Each enormous egg only yields a small jasper center and it takes heavy equipment to get to the jasper cores. 

Imperial Jasper - Mined NW of Guadalajara, Mexico in a steep canyon near the small town of San Cristobal. The jasper-bearing area is about 6 km long with many different deposits, each with its own features. The jasper occurs as veins, large filled vugs, and as nodules in the host rock. Very large pieces have been found but most of the material is smaller due to the fractured nature of the material. 

Royal Imperial Jasper - Royal imperial jasper forms in nodules near the Royal Imperial jasper location which have a chalky rind. The nodules are usually under two inches and are the largest location in the world for jasper with egg shapes. 

Blue Mountain Jasper - Mined in SE Oregon, USA is found in nodules in very hard rhyolite bedrock of the McDermitt Caldera.