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As October graces us with its presence, it brings not just autumnal hues but also a unique and mesmerizing birthstone duo: tourmaline and opal. These two gems, each with its distinct charm, capture the essence of October's transition from warmth to coziness. Join us on a journey through the captivating world of tourmaline and opal birthstones – a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature's treasures.

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Hey there, rock enthusiasts and gem hunters! 🌟 Ever thought about joining us on TikTok but held back due to concerns? Let's address them head-on, so you can hop on the TikTok train with peace of mind.

🔒 Privacy, First and Foremost Worried about privacy? You're in control! TikTok allows you to adjust your settings to enhance security. Want a step-by-step guide? Let us know, and we'll create a tutorial just for you!

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Faceted Blue Oval Sapphire on a white background Stating September Birthstone
As the calendar turns to September, it brings with it the gentle transition from summer to autumn, a time of change and beauty. In the world of gemstones, September is adorned by the resplendent sapphire, a precious gem that mirrors the shifting hues of the changing seasons. Join us as we delve into the allure, history, and symbolism of the sapphire – the birthstone that graces the month of September.

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Show your support for animal conservation by purchasing this green nephrite jade elephant lapel pin or pair of earrings made from Nephrite Jade from British Columbia.

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"You always have beautiful handmade jewelry. And I love the knowledge you and your staff have of the stones and rocks"

"Your shop is awesome! Only been once but we recently started making it a point to visit Lincoln City more frequently and will be stopping by the shop when we do."

"Where do I begin.... Laura was the beachcombing guide. That's how I was introduced to her and the shop. Being a local newbie she welcomed me and my silly questions with open arms. The shop is full of exciting gems and treasures. The people are always

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