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Show your support for animal conservation by purchasing this green nephrite jade elephant lapel pin or pair of earrings made from Nephrite Jade from British Columbia.

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"You always have beautiful handmade jewelry. And I love the knowledge you and your staff have of the stones and rocks"

"Your shop is awesome! Only been once but we recently started making it a point to visit Lincoln City more frequently and will be stopping by the shop when we do."

"Where do I begin.... Laura was the beachcombing guide. That's how I was introduced to her and the shop. Being a local newbie she welcomed me and my silly questions with open arms. The shop is full of exciting gems and treasures. The people are always

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Have you ever wondered why there are beautiful and colorful rocks on the central Oregon Coast and what the heck they are? What are those big black rocks are in the surf? What is Cascade Head and why is it there? Ever wanna touch a crystal where it's growing? See an active fault line? Find your own gemstones? You will get answers to all of these questions and do these things and more when joining Laura on an Explore Lincoln City Beachcombing Exploriance!  Not only are we in a Unesco World Heritage site but we are in a geologically unique...

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Join us on for our informational toks on rocks and gems including scientific and metaphysical data. 


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