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Hey there, ocean enthusiasts and rock lovers! Are you ready to dive into the world of Oregon's King Tides? These aren't just any waves; they're the royalty of the tide world, and they're ready to put on a spectacular show for us!

What Are King Tides?

King Tides are like the celebrities of the ocean, making grand appearances when the conditions are just right. They occur when the moon, our loyal celestial buddy, swings by super close to Earth. This cosmic cuddle, known as the perigee, pulls at our oceans, creating tides that are higher and mightier than usual. And when the sun joins this gravitational party? Oh boy, that's when the tides really strut their stuff!

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"You always have beautiful handmade jewelry. And I love the knowledge you and your staff have of the stones and rocks"

"Your shop is awesome! Only been once but we recently started making it a point to visit Lincoln City more frequently and will be stopping by the shop when we do."

"Where do I begin.... Laura was the beachcombing guide. That's how I was introduced to her and the shop. Being a local newbie she welcomed me and my silly questions with open arms. The shop is full of exciting gems and treasures. The people are always

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