Topaz is an ideal gemstone which is is not as rare as other gemstones making it easier to obtain and comes in a variety of colors. It is a hard stone at an 8 on the mohs scale of hardness. 

Topaz is a silicate and it's chemical composition is Al2SiO4(F,OH)2. 

Topaz is the birthstone for November and unaltered topaz colors include yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, and blue.

The most affordable and frequently purchased are blue topaz and mystic topaz which have been thru treatment to enhance their colors. Some colors are derived from radiation and they have to be put away until safe to handle. we do NOT carry any irradiated or coated topaz. Be careful when buying topaz from online overseas sources, you don't know how long ago the stones were irradiated. 

Topaz is found in 32 of the 50 United States. Wow! Topaz is formed when there is enough fluorine in the environment, either vesicle rich rhyolite or in pegmatites.