Rockhounding and Beachcombing with Your Dog: Exploring Lincoln City from the Canine Perspective by Jack E Beans

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Rockhounding and Beachcombing with Your Dog: Exploring Lincoln City from the Canine Perspective by Jack E Beans

Em-barking on a rockhounding adventure in Lincoln City, nestled along the breathtaking Oregon Coast, is a tail-wagging delight from my perspective. This place isn't just human-friendly; it's a dog's paradise, where my human and I can share unforgettable moments. Let me take you through a paw-print tour of our adventures in a city that celebrates its four-legged visitors as much as its two-legged ones.

1. Sniffing Out Treasures on the Beach

The beaches here are vast playgrounds where I can run, dig, and splash to my heart's content, all while helping my human search for shiny rocks and cool shells. The feel of soft sand under my paws and the thrill of the ocean's scent in my nose make every outing an adventure. I'm always on a leash, but that doesn't stop me from having all the fun in the world and maybe helping find a hidden gem or two. When I wanna run a long ways, Mom has a long rope I get to play on and she keeps a careful eye out for other dogs that might not have such well trained humans as mine. 

2. Dreamy Digs After a Day of Discovery

After a day of sniffing out the beach, we retreat to one of Lincoln City's cozy spots where I'm greeted with treats and cuddles. My human appreciates the amenities for me as much as they do the ocean views for them. It's nice to have a warm spot to curl by, in front of the inside fire box, after a day of adventure. Find dog friendly places to stay in Lincoln City using the search tool my friends at Explore Lincoln City set up to help you make planning easy! My human likes this tool cause it finds us the perfect spot, once you search your dates you can narrow down your search in amenities to Pets Allowed. Their tool makes finding pet friendly hotels in Lincoln City easy!

3. Trekking Tails

The trails around here are something else! We explore forests, waterfalls and climb hills, all with incredible views of the big water that make my human stop and stare (while I take the opportunity to sniff around). These walks are our special time to bond and share in the beauty of nature. Plus, I always keep my nose to the ground; you never know what interesting scents or rocks you'll find!

4. Yappy Hour

Meal times are a treat because so many places let me join in. I lie by my human's feet, enjoying the cool breeze, maybe even getting a special snack from the staff. It's nice to relax together and watch the world go by. Find dog friendly restaurants by visiting Bring Fido!

5. Paws, Celebrate and Learn!

There's always something happening in Lincoln City for pups and their people. At the Explore Lincoln City Beachcombing Explorience, well mannered leashed fellow friendly fidos are encouraged to join! It's a blast to meet other dogs and their humans, sharing in the joy and community spirit.

6. Low Tide, High Adventure

Tidepooling with my human is a sniff-tastic experience. All those new smells and interesting water creatures to investigate—under my human's watchful eye, of course. It's like a whole other world down there, and I'm all for exploring it, especially if it means getting a bit wet and wild. I heard my human talking about an Explorience about those too. 

7. Pawing It Forward

Lincoln City is a place of beauty, and my human makes sure we leave it as we found it. I'm always on my best behavior, sticking to the paths, staying close to my person and making sure I don't disturb the wildlife (much). It's all about respecting the space that's been so welcoming to us.

8. Travel Troubles

When you're packing for our next epic journey, don't forget a dog first aid kit. You see, while new places mean new smells and exciting snacks, they can also lead to some not-so-fun tummy and other troubles for us pups. And let's not forget about that tempting ocean water – sure, it's fun to splash in, but drinking it? That's a no-go for our bellies but somehow we can't resist and we have to make sure it still tastes like ocean.

Before we set off, have your human chat with our doggie doctor about the shots I should have to keep me safe and healthy from other dogs and wildlife, like Bordetella and Leptospirosis. Plus, it's a great idea to ask about what specific medicines and supplies to include in our first aid kit. Trust me, being prepared means we can focus on the fun stuff, like running on the beach and exploring new trails, without any pesky interruptions or needing to find an emergency doggie doctor!

9. Sandy Wet Mess? No Problem!

My friends over at Salty Dog Hound Lounge offer a fantastic self-serve dog wash available by appointment from Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 2 PM. They provide everything needed for my doggie spa experience, including toasty warm water, elevated tubs for easy access, a selection of shampoos and conditioners for all fur types, various brushes for a thorough groom, and raised drying stations equipped with blow dryers. Plus, there are plenty of towels and aprons to ensure my human stays dry while I get pampered. It's the perfect spot for a refreshing cleanup!

A Doggone Good Time in Lincoln City

From the sandy shores to the forested trails, Lincoln City from a dog's view is a place of discovery, joy, and endless sniffs. Whether we're chasing waves, trekking through the woods, or simply relaxing together, each moment is a treasure. It's a reminder of the special bond between me and my human, made even stronger by the adventures we share in this coastal wonderland.

Lincoln City, you have my bark of approval for a paw-some rockhounding retreat!

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