About Oregon Sunstone

Oregon Sunstone Crystals - Photo by Duncan Pay

Oregon Sunstone is a member of the Labradorite family and only found in the central high desert of Oregon.

These are raw Oregon Sunstone crystals. There are so many more options than raw diamonds, let's explore the possibilities together. Back in the long long ago, you know? the before times when diamonds were rare, Oregon Sunstones were mined by Tiffany & Co as a diamond alternative. Sunstones are super sparkly and have what's called a "high refractive index", making them sparkle brilliantly like a diamond!

Oregon Sunstones have a fantastic history, unlike many crystals which form at low temperatures, close to the surface, Sunstones were formed deep in the belly of the earth in a basalt flow (think Hawaii) and erupted fully formed, flowing across the floor of Rabbit Basin, deep in the Oregon desert. Dazzling sparkles will draw you into the stone and hold you there, pondering the marvel of the tiny metallic copper platelets dancing before you. Each Sunstone is handpicked and unique. Our Sunstones have gone through a Sunstone cage match where only the strongest and most durable crystals end up in our raw Sunstone rings.

Oregon Sunstone is different than other deposits of sunstone found throughout the world because of the copper and aluminum particles suspended in the crystal structure giving it not only unique copper and aluminum "schillers" or a metallic shimmer within the stone, but wild colors like rich cherry red, teal green and on rare occasion, purple! 

We really can't explain it better than the GIA so here is a link to their comprehensive coverage on the Oregon Sunstone: Three Occurrences of Oregon Sunstone

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