Crescent Moon Mexican Fire Agate Ring in Sterling Silver Sz 6.5

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Colors dance across rainbow landscape held within the fire agate. These phenomenal agates, dazzling like a precious opal but tough for every day wear, were born in volcanic landscapes, formed in the neck of hot springs and geysers, which left microscopically thin layers of limonite and/or goethite, iron minerals, sandwiched in between layers of chalcedony. Currently fire agates have only been found in the Sonoran desert of the SW US and Mexico and only a small percentage yield color when cur by a master cutter.

When viewing a fire agate, what is most noticeable is how the color moves within the stone, that's why most people imagine that instead, you are viewing a dragons scale or a boiling cauldron. Wearing fire agate is great for introverts wishing to branch out and practice talking to people, well put one of these on your hand and people will not stop talking about your ring, trust me, I know.

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Stone: Fire Agate