Dainty Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone Antiqued Sterling Silver Pendant

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Experience the mesmerizing play of deep blue hues on this exquisite white gem, evoking a snow drift under the moonlight. Rainbow Moonstone belongs to the feldspar family, closely related to labradorite and renowned for its fortunate properties for travelers. As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone holds the secrets of the ages and celestial bodies. Unlock its mysteries hidden behind its iridescent veil and discover your own hidden truths. Only in its radiant light can we unravel its teachings. Moonstone is a powerful symbol of self-discovery, guiding us on our inner journeys to uncover what has been forgotten. This delicate pendant is perfect for those with a smaller build or preference for lightweight jewelry. Visit our gallery, open 7 days a week, to see this piece and many more before it's gone.