Raw Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Raw Pink and Green Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Stone Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver Beautiful October Birthstone Jewelry

Stones First, Metal Second

These crystals? We left them completely raw, just like you find them and love them in nature Tourmaline is the perfect stone for those looking to free their creative spirit. This invigorating stone was said to have traveled along the rainbow and promotes a compassionate and easy going energy. This pendant would be a great charm for an individual looking for inspiration. This watermelon tourmaline looks a little different, doesn't it? That's because it's "cat's eye" tourmaline, a more fibrous variety of tourmaline which has some cool silky optical effects. Tourmaline is the birthstone for October and star sign Leo.

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Stone name: Tourmaline (Tour-ma-leen) known as the rainbow of gemstone, tourmaline comes in every color in the rainbow and has been honored and worshiped by the ancients.